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Animal of the week...18

The arctic hares live in the harsh environment of the North America tundra. With shortened and thick ears and white fur, these mamals can survive under disagreable condition of life. The thick fur is nedeed to retain the heat produced by the body metabolism.

Arctic hares usually dig shelters in snow and huddle togheter to share warmth. Like other rabbits or hares, arctic hares are fast and can reach a speed  of 60Km a hour! During winter, they enjoy of brilliant white coat which provides them an excellent camouflage in ice lands and snow. In springs, white fur is replaced by blue-grey fur, in harmony with the colors of the vegetation.

Arcitc hares are sometimes loners, but they could find in dozen or even thousands of individuals. Food can be scarced in arctic places, but the hares survive by eating woody plants, mosses and lichens which they may found by digging in the snow. In other seasons, hares eat buds, roots, berries and barks.

Traditionally, arctit hares are very important for native americans. These animals are mainly hunted for food or for their fur, used for making clothing.