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Agricolture reborn without land, in Fukushima.

In Fukushima, even though land is still radioactive, has just launched a big hydroponics agricultural company, that is with crops out from land. 

A Minamisoma, 25km from Fukushima's Nuclear Plant, are being built two sphere-like buidings tall 6,5m. An air conditioning system controlled by computer technology supplyies optimal temperature and humidity for hydroponic growth of plants, and the entire center utilizes photovoltaic energy provided by over 2000 solar pannels near the domes.

All this one is the Minamisoma Solar Agri Park, made by Eiju Hangai, an ex manager of Tepco, the company which dealt Fukushima Plant. In this park, plants don't dip their roots in the land, but in the water, where are dissolved essential salts for flora development. 

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