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Bacteria that produce diesel fuel: great discover!

Genetically modified bacteria were obteined at Devon University. The work was published on the journal of the Academy of Sciences of United States by the British Jony Love and his team. Why all this importance? Because these bacteria are able to produce diesel fuel, the same fuel in trade!

Many steps before marketing are needed, but the discover is a substantial first step to a biofuel very different from those ones obtained until now. This diesel can be utilized directly in cars engine without any purification treatments as happens for current biofuels, hardly merketable.

To achieve this result, researchers have exploied the natural ability of Escherichia Coli to convert sugars into fats by building their cell membranes. After the insertion in their DNA some genes coming from two other types of bacteria ( Photorhabdus Luminescens and Cyanobacterium Punctiforme); Escherichia Coli strain was able to convert the fats into fuel. The produced molecules are structurally and chemically identical to 10 kind of diesel fuel in the trade.  

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