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Meteorite hits Urali's region: thousand of injured people and damage to buildings.

On 14 Friday morning, a blindingly fireball across Russia sky, above Urali Mountain near Chelyabinsk city; by landing with ear-splitting crash in a lake some 50 miles to the west. The impact created a shock wave which broke windows of the town. Some debris from the meteorite damaged buildings and injured as many as a thousand of people, by causing a million rube of damage.

According to scientists, this is just a rare event of meteorite falling in the Earth, since, usually, meteorites precipitate in unpopulated places of the world, such as deserts and cold northern steppes.

It's not the first time Russian see a show like this: in 1908, a meteorite exploded above the Tunguska River in Siberia. The disintegration of the space rock leveled 800 square miles of threes, shaked the grown and shone as a second Sun.