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New desases across Oceans threatening living organisms.

It ain't a new arguments that aquatic animals sometimes are found lifeless near beaches, killed by something of unknown which has worried scientists from around the world.

Acoording to a recent study kept by some biologists, the guilty of all this death could be the pollution in the Oceans. Toxic pollutans get weakened dolphins and otters.

The research was made by analyzing dead otters body which had been found in Santa Cruz, California: the otters had bright-yellow eyes and gums, their livers destroyed. As a result, the otters have been poisoned by a "nasty toxin" called microcystin, which is produced by cyanobateria and blue-green algae. Such toxins may appear when human sewage and fertilizers run into lakes and rivers, which get food for aquatic plants by promoting their growth.

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