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Re-found Reptiles in New Mexico.

In southwestern of New Mexico, along the shores of the Gila River, scientists of the BioPark Zoo in Albuquerque have just found three species of northern Mexican gartersnakes; the reptiles, untill they finding, were suspected as extincted in the State.

Later in a mouth, other biologists found an additional three of the rare snakes; two females end a male. The three has been brought back to Albuquerque's Zoo, in order to increase the population after its releasing in the wild again.

Northern Mexican garternsake lived in wet environments, such as the areas alongside the rivers, in which they were hunted for tadpoles and minnows. Subsequently, wildfires, floods and droughts have destroyed the habitat.

The incredible discovered of the endangered snakes has aroused the awareness of an immediate project to the protection of the Gila River, the last undammed river in New Mexico.