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ComeON! "Community projects for social innovation through intergenerational volunteering experiences"


Achieving social innovation in communities through intergenerational volunteerism www.comeon-project.eu


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The ComeON! training course Curriculum is ready!

One of the task of the project is to design and test an innovative training course for students and seniors to start to work together in community projects, adopting physical and virtual dimensions.
The ComeON! course offers young and old exciting opportunities to learn through and about interactive face-to-face (‘physical’) methods and cutting-edge virtual platforms. Participants will, furthermore, learn about and experience the ways in which the physical and the virtual can be joined to create novel ways to bring about social change at the community level, thorugh social innovation projects. Participating in ComeON! is expected to showcase the potential of both elderly and young citizens to actively contribute to dealing with important challenges of current day Europe.

Download here the pilot Course Curriculum: ComeON! Curriculum_EN

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