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Expanding our limits to find extraterrestrial lives.

Life is a unusual biological phenomenon which had led scientists to concern our life as the only type in all the infinity space. The difficult in work of research new extraterrestrial living organisms is understand if "alien life" is based on carbon element, like that one on Earth, or based on other elements.

Carbon life requires only three elements on periodic table (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and, in small quantities, sulfur and phosphorus) and fundamental substances like water to take place. Until now, scientists has always searched these elements in planets' atmosphere to say the possible presence of life, but this life will be always based on carbon. 

There are other possibilities in which alien life is based on another element, and needs other substances to occur. A resercher argues that habitable exoplanets could come in different flavors.

Outside MIlk Way galaxy, many other Solar systems are discovered, and many of these systems could have planets with good condition of atmosphere and  temperature to keep a kind of life.