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New way to obtain stem cells.

Posted on the journal "Nature Comunnications", it is the technique developed by a research team led by Swedish Karolinska Institute which consists in taking a single cell from an embyo, composed of only eight cells, without compromising its growth, and make it multiply in a consistent way, in short time.

It's, therefore, a methode which will open the limitations imposed on the ethical usage of embryo cells, even thought the overcoming of these problens had been resolved with the introduction of iPS production ( Induced Pluripotent Stem) created in a test tube.

The iPSs ( also written as iPSC) were pruduced for the first time in 2006 thanks to the professor. Shinya Yamanaka's work, in the Kyoto's University, Japan. The iPSCs were considered  a real step forwards for the study about stem cells, in which allows to scientists to obtain pluripotent stem cells without hanging embryo's cells. Moreover, the possibility to get pluripotent stem cells from human's somatic cells, makes these cells non-immunogenic.

This discover earned a Nobel Price and Wolf Price to Shinya Yamanaka, both for the medicine.


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