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Operation "Save the chamois"

Appennine Chamois live only in Italy and it is know by the experts as the "most beautiful chamois in the world".

A recent rescue plan performed by Abruzzo region with all the five protect areas of the same region: Abruzzo National Park, Majella, Sibillini Mountains, Gran Sasso Park, and Sirente of Velino; has allowed to increase the population of this mamal  ( Rupicapra Pyrenaica Ornata) over the 2000 species. The key of this very important success is a professional coordination of all the rescue operations in more National Park ( as written before) wich consist in repopulation of appennine chamois.

The resulted was published in the end of June and it is very outstanding, knowing that at the beginning of '900, the population was reduced about 30 species. Now, this Italian project is taken as a good pattern by the scintific world in such way to rescue and protect threatened animal which live throughout the world.

Not only, but at present the gained results have brought to the region an increment of "eco" turists which wish to see ( and photograph) this special chamois. Every year, in fact, you count more than 10000 tourists around the world which came to visit the Abruzzo National Park, the first Italian Park established in 1923. 

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