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Stem cells against ALS desease.

Human stem cells were transformed into "factories" of growth factors which are able to repair damaged nerve cells in mice with ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), increasing the survival of the rodents and improving the muscles' work. The result is due to an experiment carried on American University "Wisconsin-Madison", under the guidance of Masatoshi Suzuki.

As the scientist said, this success may lead a hope to people suffering from this desease and, therefore, it's needed test the experience on humans.

In the experiment, researchers had used human stem cells from bone marrow which were subsequently genetically modified in order to induce them to produce growth factors which can repair damaged structures.

In a second time, researchers had transplanted the modified cells in mice, at the junctions between damaged nerve cells by ALS and muscle. After the treatment, there was an increase of survival percentage and a delay of the decline of muscolar work. 

Into mice, stem cells survived for 9 weeks, but they didn't become neurons: their contribute was producing growth factors which help nerve cells.


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