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The fast melting of Antarcitc's Ice Caps

Ice shelves lose more mass than previously thought. Scientists hold that ice shelves ( the extension of glaciers on lands) lose the major part of their mass by shedding icebergs. But a recent research claims that there's another weight-loss factor in action: many Antarctica's ice shelves are melting away from the bottom up. A team of Glaciers expert, lead by Eric Rignot of University of California, have measured ice shelf thickness and speed, by using a combination of satellite data, radar and coputer models. The data suggested that 48% of the mealtwater lost from ice shelves came from smaller shelves on the southeastern Pacific side of Antarctica. These smaller units are only about 8% of the total ice shelf cover in Antarctica. The big shelves, which account the 61% of the ice shelf cover, contributed only about 15% of the mealtwater in the scientists' analysisMen's Tops