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Monarch Butterflies: never seen so few.

In December 2012, a team os scholars engaged in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico has given a worryng datum: Monarch Butterflies occupy 59% of territory in less than the previous year, which is also the more restricted area from twenty years now. From 1997, a constant decline has began which affects Butterfly Monarch. 

The probable causes of this desappearing are mainly the lack of milkweed plants, which is the essential food for youngest Monarch, and the extreme climatic fluctuations, including very low temperarure, drought times and heavy rainfall.

Monarch Butterfly is regarded as the "queen" of other butterflies. Every autumn, milions of Monarch fly from southern Canada and United States, to reach Mexico forests. During the travel, the butterflies take a break to feed themselves. A great migration done by four butterlies generations, and covers about thousands of kilometers!