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Animal of the week...22

Albatrosses are very famous for its gorgeous windspans, which can reach 3,4 metres! 

Albatrosses use their formidable windspans to ride the ocean wind and sometimes to glide for hours without rest.They also float on the sea's surface, through the position makes them vulnerable to aquatic predators. Albatrosses drink salt water, as do some other sea birds.

these long-lived birds have reached a documented 50 years of age. They are rarely seen on lands, a part during their breeding periods, in which the albatross forms large colonies on remote islands.


An albatrosses couple produces one egg and take turns looking after it. The chicks may fly within tree to ten months and leave the land from five to ten years, untill they reach sexual maturity.

albatrosses mainly feed on squid or schooling fish, but are familiar to sailors because they follow ships with the hope to get some food from garbage.

Some albatross species are brutally hunted for feathers that were used in women's hats. 

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