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Privacy Policy FMD


This document contains the official Privacy policy of the website (“Phyrtual” or the “Website”) created at the Fondazione Mondo Digitale (“FMD” or “We”). Phyrtual is an interactive, modifiable, evolutionary website aimed at enriching and empowering people and communities through the pursuit of social innovation based on knowledge, wisdom, arts, positive emotions, community building (social networking) and supporting instrumentation for these activities.  In short, it is a virtual innovation environment that integrates with physical innovation environments (Physical & Virtual = Phyrtual) giving rise to Phyrtual movements dedicated to social innovation projects, programmes and initiatives for a better world.

The safety of your privacy is a high priority for the FMD and, consequently, we shall do everything in our power to maintain your trust and provide you with a safe and fruitful experience. This privacy policy covers all of Phyrtual and does not apply to any other websites not under the control of Phyrtual.

You can use the site in two ways that have implications for your personally identifiable information (“personal information”), that is, information you provide that identifies you as an individual user in the Phyrtual website, including your name, email address, mailing address or any other information that allows another person to identify you.

On the one hand, you are not requested to provide any personally identifiable information if you visit only to explore it (e.g., read, listen or watch its content) or download freely available material.  On the other, you are requested to provide personally identifiable information if you wish to interact with existing communities and content (projects, programmes) or create your own community and content inside  By providing your personal information, you are allowing the collection and use of this information in accordance with our privacy policy.

We apply the following norms to the use of your personally identifiable information:

  • We shall not profit commercially (i.e., selling or renting) from your personally identifiable information.
  • We shall inform you of changes in Privacy Policy that affect the way your personal information is used. Following the receipt of the notice of change, your continued use of will be taken as your consent to the changes.
  • You may contact us whenever you have a privacy concern. Simply write to you privacy address. You can also change anytime you wish any information you have provided in your personal profile. contains links to other websites belonging to organizations that are part of projects and communities inside the website.  These other websites have their own content and privacy policies that are not the responsibility of the FMD.  It is recommended that you read the privacy policies of these websites and judge them independently from


Information Collection

Phyrtual collects two types of information.  On the one hand, information you provide explicitly (e.g., username, email, photo, comments) when you register in the website and create your own personal profile, or interact within a blog, chat, forum, wiki or other instruments potentially provided by Phyrtual. On the other hand, information you provide implicitly through the use of the website (e.g., such as patterns of use of content in the website, IP address, login times). 

Phyrtual also collect information you provide about other users you may wish to invite to link directly with you in the website.  This information contains the name and email address of your contact and the text of your invitation message.

Phyrtual makes use of cookies and log files information to keep track of your username and password and identify you once you have registered.  This enables Phyrtual to recognize you when you return to the website, so that you do not have to re-enter your information.  Cookies also allows Phyrtual to provide you with more customized content and services and track aggregate statistics on the use of the website (e.g., number of visitors, downloads, etc.)


Information Use

The information that you provide explicitly in your registration and personal profile is visible to all users of Phyrtual (i.e., registered and unregistered users).  Implicit information related to your activity in the website, such as time of registration, comments and upload of documents will also be visible to all users in your profile. 

The FMD will use this information to improve the technical and service performance of the Phyrtual website, for instance, for diagnosing and solving problems.  Your information will also be used to perform correlation analysis leading to the identification of other users who share similar dreams, interests and activities with you. 

Phyrtual will make you aware of these other “similar” users and you will decide whether you wish to establish contact with this other user or not.  Information you provide about other users you decide to invite to link directly with you in Phyrtual will be used to send the invitation and reminders in case the invitation is not immediately accepted.


Information Sharing

 We may share your personally identifiable information with other groups in support of their social (educational, cultural) missions and the furtherance of vision and mission.  However, we shall only do so with your consent.

We may partner with other organizations offering services that add value to the environment and experience offered by Phyrtual. It will be your decision to use or not these added-value services.  In case, you decide to use them, Phyrtual will make available your personal information to the partnering organization.

We may subcontract third parties for the development of new services or instruments that significantly enhance the value you obtain from  Your personal information will only be shared with a third party to the extent and limit that is required to provide you with particular services you have requested and/or consented.

In the extraordinary situation of suspected illegal activity damaging you, and/or Phyrtual users, and/or the normal operation of the website, and/or the general public, your information will be disclosed in accordance with the requirement of the law.



Registration and submission of personal information to Phyrtual is reserved for persons over the age of 13. The protection of children is the responsibility of parents and/or legal guardians. We ask Phyrtual users to be alert and make us aware of the possible presence of personally identifiable information provided by users under the age of 13.

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